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If you are renovating or planning to extend or modify your home, you may need a specialist Works Insurance policy.

Your insurer will need to know if you are planning any structural alterations to your home. In many cases a standard home policy may not be able to provide cover, especially if the value of the works is greater than £50,000. 

We can arrange a specialist “works” policy for the duration of the building work, whether your home is currently insured with us or not.

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Household Works and Renovation Insurance from Ellis David.

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Key Features Of Our Works or Renovation Insurance

Compatible with standard JCT contracts

Buildings cover for properties undergoing works or renovation

Specialist cover for properties undergoing works

Buildings insurance cover designed to fit the requirements of standard JCT contracts (RIAI in the Republic of Ireland)

Building, Works & Contents Insurance

Insure the contract works, the contents and building

Protect your home, the works and your contents

Cover for the contract works, the existing house and the contents under one policy

Joint Names

You and the contractor

You and the contractor

Provides the facility for the policy to be written in the joint names of you and the contractor if required by the contract

Liability cover

Cover for your liability to the public

Cover for your public liability

Public Liability cover for you while the work is being carried out, including cover for your liability risk where a contingent exposure arises from the acts of the contractor

All Risks

Wider policy wordings where cover is usually provided on an ‘All Risks’ basis including theft, malicious damage and accidental damage

Who Needs Works or Renovation Home Insurance?

Works Cover or  Renovation Insurance is for people who are planning structural amendments to their property. If you are planning any of the below projects or activities then you should contact us to discuss extending, supplementing or replacing your existing home insurance policy.

  • An extension
  • A loft conversion
  • Basement or cellar
  • Complete refurbishment
  • Replacing or renewing the roof
  • Demolition and reconstruction

The list above shows just some of the potential projects that may require a specialist works policy. However, any type of construction that will alter the structure/size of the property will be of interest to your insurer.

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Why take out Works or Renovation Insurance?

By having just one policy to cover all aspects of your home and any ongoing works,  in the event of a claim you benefit from:

  • A consistent basis of settlement
  • Only one insurer and one loss adjuster applies
  • Only one excess
  • Removal of grey areas as to what is existing structure and what is works or materials at the time of loss
  • Only one point of contact to resolve the claim
  • Cover for the cost of renting alternative accommodation if incurred whilst the property is being repaired following an insured claim rendering it uninhabitable.
  • Option to extend coverage to insure “non-negligence” type exposures

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Other considerations

Joint Names Insurance

When the work being undertaken is of a more substantial nature, you will often employ a professional team to oversee the project.

Architects in particular tend to work with “off the shelf” JCT (Joint Contracts Tribunal) or the RIAI (Royal Institute of Architects in Ireland) contracts for projects in the Republic of Ireland, as these provide a good template to deal with all aspects of the operation of the works and the relationship between the builder and you.

Within the JCT/RIAI contract, you may be contractually obliged to insure in joint names with the contractor, both the existing structure and the works against loss or damage by specified perils.

By agreeing to insure in joint names your existing insurer loses the right to pursue the contractor and recover any costs they may have to pay out in the event of a claim, even if they have been negligent.

Some Insurers can be reluctant to maintain insurance which is in joint names and could seek to reduce their exposure by limiting the extent of cover. You might then be in breach of their contractual obligations as stated within the JCT/RIAI contract so specialist cover needs to be arranged.

Liability Exposures

This concerns the liability of you in respect of others to compensate them for injury or damage to their property whilst the works are ongoing.

You may think that if a builder you have hired injures a visitor, that builder’s insurance will pay. This belief has some merit but a visitor will see you, as the homeowner, as the creator of the risk, even if someone is working on your behalf.

There are also other concerns that come with relying on another party’s insurance to provide adequate cover. For instance, you should ensure that the contractors’ insurance is adequate, is still in force (has been renewed) and that they are not committing acts that are in breach of their policy conditions.

Another important aspect to consider is the extent of liability cover required under a JCT/RIAI contract. The standard JCT/RIAI wording states that the contractor is only liable for their own negligence and not the negligence of you.

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