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Getting the right Commercial Property Owners Insurance is essential for owners, landlords and managers of commercial buildings.

There can be a bewildering array of considerations when buying Commercial Property Owners Insurance. As an experienced, professional insurance broker we feel that our role is to guide clients through the myriad of potential issues, help prioritise them, and get the most appropriate level of cover at a competitive price. Using Ellis David for your Commercial Property Buildings Insurance means that you’ll get the professional advice you need.

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Commercial Property Insurance by Ellis David.

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Business Premises Insurance: Four key claims considerations

Stolen Property

A break-in results in stolen business property such as IT equipment, as well as theft of clients' property in your possession.

Ellis David is a commercial buildings insurance expert.

We take the time to understand your specific requirements, ensuring the applicable limits are right for you. Quality cover, carefully considered; the hallmarks of Ellis David service.

Loss of rental income

If your property is left unoccupied following a fire or flood, we'll compensate you for the loss of income.

We ask the right questions, ensuring the right cover

Is your property mortgaged? What is the value of the monthly income? How many tenants do you have? Quality cover, carefully considered – the hallmarks of Ellis David service.

Business Interruption

A fire in your office destroys your computer network and equipment. Your business can’t operate for two weeks.

We design cover that reflects your business needs

By identifying the likely causes of interruption, we can understand the timescales and cost of getting you up and running again – and reflect it in your policy.

Landlord Liability Claim

A member of the public makes a claim against you because they were injured when they slipped over in your building.

Getting the right level of liability Insurance is critical

Ellis David can advise you on what the right cover should look like – and even help you risk manage your way to potentially lower premiums.

We’re here to help you get the right Business Premises Insurance Quotes for your business.

A quick online search will tell you that there’s a massive choice when it comes to commercial property owners insurance. Choice is a good thing but it’s important to understand the policy that you’re buying and that its fit for purpose in terms of the protection that it affords you and your business. The scope of cover provided can vary enormously from policy to policy. 

When it comes to comparing commercial property insurance quotes, it pays to use a professional Insurance Broker. Rather than skimming through the jargon-filled policy documents yourself – or just ignoring it altogether and hoping for the best – we will take responsibility for understanding your precise commercial buildings insurance needs.We’ll use your information and our many years of professional knowledge to find you a range of relevant, competitive quotes.

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Who Needs Commercial Property Insurance?

If you own a Commercial Property you should ensure it has suitable insurance. A Commercial Property Owners Insurance policy differs significantly from a standard residential insurance policy. Specifically it should address two key issues:

Whether its a converted wooden barn or a dedicated, modern office building using steel structures, commercial properties are typically far less standardised in their construction when compared to domestic properties. Additionally, they’ll make use of larger t heating systems and more complicated, demanding electrical systems. These factors mean repairs are likely to be a more lengthy and expensive process.
Domestic tenants should not be using industrial equipment, housing hundreds of employees, dealing in hazardous waste or using commercial chip fryers in their homes. Conversely, some or all of those things might be taking place in a single commercial building in any given day. Its not surprising that Insurers consider a commercial property to be at greater risk of hazard and so a Commercial Buildings insurance policy will address the way that tenants may use the building.

You need a dedicated Commercial Buildings Insurance policy, including Business Contents Insurance, if you own or manage a commercial property of any description. But just picking one off the shelf without professional guidance can be dangerous and potentially costly.

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Why Compare Commercial Property Insurance Quotes with Ellis David?

Put simply, there’s too much at stake for you and your business to get the commercial property insurance wrong. With policy documentation being heavy on jargon, it can be very difficult to be sure you have adequate cover in place.

With over 150 years of combined insurance broking experience, Ellis David can get you the best deal for your commercial property buildings insurance. We have an extensive knowledge of the insurance market and will be able to find the right insurers for your specific needs. Even if you have a problematic claims history, need specific cover for an unoccupied commercial property or have a property thats in a designated flood plain post code area, we can help.

We’ll ask you all the right questions and can tailor a policy to suit your needs so that you have all the correct cover in place but are not paying for cover that you don’t need. Because the insurers have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that a specialist insurance advisor from Ellis David has researched your requirements, they may offer us a more competitive premium than you could obtain directly.

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Commercial Property Insurance by Ellis David.

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