Office Insurance

Protecting your business assets.

Whether you have a business premises needing contents insurance, or work from an office within your house, having the right insurance cover is important to ensure you adequately protect the assets of your business.

Typically a policy of this nature lasts 12 months, but covers under an office scheme vary and offer protection for a range of perils including your business’ Public Liability, Contents, Money, All Risks, Business Interruption as well as Employer’s Liability.

Most insurers offer Office packages with varying range of covers, some insurers include legal expenses, some do not. We will help you cut through the industry jargon and assist you to determine your needs and then find the best policy.

We can tailor cover to your company’s requirements giving you the peace of mind that you are covered for every eventuality, whilst not paying for cover that you don’t need, and our excellent customer service means that we can handle your policy from beginning to end. Feel confident in dealing with reputable commercial property insurance brokers such as Ellis David where we will able to offer the best tailored policy for your company.

Four key features of Office Insurance:

Public Liability Insurance

If members of the public visit your office it is a legal requirement, with cover from £2m upwards.

Covers your business if a client or member of the public is hurt, killed of their property is damaged because of your business.

Office Contents Insurance

Protect your business assets from theft, accidental damage or fire and flood.

Office contents value can easily be underestimated, IT equipment can be included as required, reflecting your precise requirements.

‘All Risks’ cover

Protection for items that you or your staff may take away from the office for business purposes.

This can include mobile phones and laptops. Cover can be flexed to reflect where you work and how often you leave the UK.

Business Interruption

Provides protection if unforeseen circumstances leave your business premises unusable.

Gross Profit and Increased Costs of Working approaches can be applied.

Who needs Office Insurance?

Office Insurance is essential for anyone who runs a company with a business premises, whether this be at your home, or an external environment. Businesses can have a lot of high cost possessions, including computers and other hardware, but also things like desks, office chairs, even the sofas and water cooler in a client lounge. Without this space to work in, your business could suffer.

When considering the levels of cover to take out, it’s important to not underestimate how important basic office supplies are to you. Could you afford to re-equip your office from scratch if it were to be damaged in a flood, or even stolen? All without having a place for your employees to work and carry out business, maybe even putting your trading on hold? The most likely answer is no, and most small businesses struggle to re open after events like this without the proper insurance in place.

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