Retail Shop Insurance

Shop Insurance is designed to provide all the necessary cover that a retail outlet could need, all under one policy.

Whether you run an independent newsagent, a boutique jewellers or run a chain of stores, protecting your business assets including stock, equipment and your building as well as covering your staff, should be a priority.

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Retail Shop Insurance by Ellis David.

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What does retail shop insurance cover?

Public Liability

Will provide cover should a member of the public have an accident at your place of work.
This could include slipping over on an unmarked wet floor or tripping over loose carpet in a dressing room.

Employer's Liability

Employer's Liability is a requirement by UK law if you have any employees.
This include employees that are part time, volunteers or even on work experience.

Contents and Stock

This will provide cover should any of your stock me stolen or damaged when stored at work.
This could include accidental damage, fire or flood damage or even a break in.

Buildings Cover

Protection for the physical building where you work or store stock, no matter whether rented or owned.
This can include flood or fire damage as well as subsidence.

Who Needs Shop Insurance?

If you own a shop or retail store then Commercial Shop Insurance is essential for you and your business. Shop Insurance can protect you against a multitude of risks that shop owners face from damaged or stolen to stock to a customer falling and having an accident on the shop floor.

At Ellis David we can provide cover for a wide variety of Retail Businesses from high street boutiques to specialist jewellers covering a range of risks that you would expect plus many more.

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We know that every business is unique and therefore your insurance policy should reflect that. As a shop owner, you are open to a wide variety of risks, especially if members of the public are to visit you at work. The shop floor can be a busy hazardous place with your stock being stored on high shelves and clothes rails taking up floor space. It’s an easy place for an accident to happen within the hustle and bustle of your shop. Equally, members of your staff may be injured in their line of work, for example carrying heavy boxes to and from a stock room. Liability claims can be costly with a lot of complicated legal protocol to follow. Having proper insurance in place will protect you and your staff against accidental injury in your shop, allowing you to focus on your work.

While protecting your staff is essential, it’s also important to consider your stock. What you sell is ultimately your business and if you run a boutique or especially an independent high street shop, you may have paid for your stock up front. If any of it were to be damaged rendering it unsellable, or even stolen, this could mean months worth of future income has gone or significantly reduced while your overheads like rent and staff wages will stay the same. Many small businesses never recover from a setback like a fire or a reputation damaging liability claim but with a fully comprehensive Commercial Shop Insurance Policy your business will be properly protected should an accident strike.

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Why Compare Shop Insurance Quotes with Ellis David?

At Ellis David we understand that your business is your livelihood and how important it is to you. With over 150 years combined Insurance Brokering experience with a specialism in Commercial Shop Insurance, we can provide the best policy to suit your shop or boutique. Not only that, if you ever needed to make a claim, our team will manage your claim from beginning to end keeping you involved every step of the way. Having an Insurance Policy with Ellis David will give you the peace of mind that your shop is adequately insured and your claims will be give the utmost priority so that you can concentrate on running your business.

To discuss your insurance requirements further, contact out team on 020 7354 3881 now or send a message.

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Retail Shop Insurance by Ellis David.

Call our Broking Team on 020 7354 3881 now for a free quote or send a message.

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