Holiday Home Insurance

Giving you peace of mind at home or abroad.

We understand the specific needs of holiday home owners and are able to source competitive Holiday Home Insurance for your home in the UK or abroad.

If you have a second home, they are often exposed to higher risks than your main home. Whether you rent it out regularly or it is left unattended and used for personal holidays only, it’s important to have the proper insurance in place in the event of an accident. 

At Ellis David, we understand that second homes can have high worth as well as sentimental value and finding the right policy for you is our priority.

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Key considerations when buying Holiday Home Insurance:

When is your home occupied?

Do you rent out your home every week of the year or do you use it yourself for a few weeks in the summer?


Who uses your holiday home?

The people that rent your home have an effect on your insurance and must be accounted for by the policy.

Do you rent out your home commercially to holiday goers? Let it out to family and friends? Or is it just for personal use?

The value of your contents

If you rent a house to strangers, or have a high turnover of lets, things could get broken, lost or stolen.

Provides insurance cover for accidental damage to windows, pipework (oil, water supply, gas) and drains as well as cover for some home contents.

What cover does Insurance for Holiday Homes provide?

At Ellis David, we can tailor a policy to suit your individual needs, this means that every policy in unique. However, in addition to the standard home insurance perils we also source the following covers:

For your UK holiday home:

  • Full Accidental Damage cover to Buildings and Contents included
  • Malicious Damage caused by Tenants covered as standard
  • Loss of Rent / Alternative Accommodation cover up to 100% of the building sum insured
  • £5,000,000 Property Owners Liability, extended to include commercial use of the property if it is let
  • £5,000,000 Legal Liability as Occupier or Landlord
  • £10,000,000 Accidents to domestic staff (if your contents are insured)

    For your Overseas Holiday Home:

    • Malicious Damage caused by Tenants covered as standard
    • Loss of Rent / Alternative Accommodation cover up to 20% of the building sum insured
    • £1,000,000 Legal Liability to the public cover
    • Solar Panels cover
    • Emergency Travel Expenses to pay towards the return air or rail fare to your holiday home, incurred by you and an additional family member in the event of loss or damage to your premises by an insured event where the loss or damage is in excess of £2,500.

    Plus the following optional extra covers:

    • Full Accidental Damage cover to Buildings and Contents
    • Pedal Cycles
    • Money and Credit Cards
    • Pedal Cycles while away from the home
    • Loss of Electrical Supply Sold Back to the Grid
    • Valuables and Personal Possessions while away from the home, such as high value jewellery insurance cover.

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