Motor Fleet Insurance

We go the extra mile to ensure you have the right cover at the best price.

Fleet and Mini Fleet Insurance is a great way to rid yourself of the need for lots of paperwork and having to remember a range of renewal dates.

If you have a number of vehicles and lots of people who need flexible access to them, arranging individual insurance cover for each vehicle can be complicated.

We manage fleet cover for businesses who typically have between 4 and 20 vehicles, and can include executive saloons alongside commercial vehicles.

We have access to a wide range of insurers and by taking time to understand your exact needs, will be able to find the right cover – and the best prices.

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Four key considerations:

How many vehicles do you need to cover?

If you only have a handful of vehicles, Mini Fleet Insurance may be most relevant.

We can arrange business fleet insurance for hundreds of vehicles on one policy if needed.

What type of vehicles do you need to insure?

Policies vary greatly depending on the vehicle types involved. We can cover everything including cars, vans, buses, trucks, special types or family fleets.

We tailor our business fleet insurance policies to match your specifications, rather than dealing with off-the-shelf policies.

Who will be driving the vehicles?

Finding insurers willing to cover everyone can be challenging.

We have access to a wide range of specialist insurers, which means we can get cover that you might otherwise have struggled to find, for example young drivers or those with convictions.

Where will the vehicles be driven?

Save money by getting cover that reflects your specific use profile.

Whether you need cover for the UK only, or require cover for driving in Europe and beyond.

Motor Fleet Insurance

A business’s motor fleet can be one of its most expensive assets.

Beyond protecting the cost of the vehicles themselves in the event of an incident, it’s important to consider the cost to the business while a vehicle is out of use, a vehicle off the road could mean missed deliveries or appointments and disappointed or angry customers. The cost to the business could go far beyond the cost of a repair.

Motor Fleet Insurance is a policy that addresses these issues directly on a single policy, which in itself means less administration. It also allows a great deal of flexibility, in that all drivers can be insured on all vehicles if required.

Mini Fleet Insurance

You might not think of your business as having a ‘fleet’, but if you have 2-5 vehicles, you can benefit from a ‘fleet’ approach to insuring your vehicles through a mini fleet insurance policy.

Typically, mini fleet insurance is ideal for a family or business whose vehicles are mainly cars, and where the risk is relatively low. You get the logistical benefit of a single piece of administrative documentation, a single renewal date to remember, the flexibility of cover that allows different drivers in any of your vehicles – and usually, at least, a cost saving when compared to the equivalent number of individual vehicle insurance policies.

Insurers recognise that a fleet made up exclusively of cars typically poses a lesser claims exposure compared to a fleet with a number of HGV’s or other commercial vehicles. For this reason, mini fleet car insurance can be extremely cost effective.

Our team can tailor a policy to suit the exact needs of your business.