High Value Jewellery Insurance

High quality cover for your high value jewellery.

What Is High Value Jewellery Insurance?

Standard home policies are great for covering your everyday items but if you own high value or luxury items of jewellery or watches,  you will need a superior, high value home insurance policy.  

Standard home insurance policies are often subject to inner limits which can restrict cover for your high value jewellery to as little as £1,000-£2,000 per item.

This means that high value Jewellery, SWISS Watches and other luxurious items cannot be covered. 

If you own high value Jewellery items, a high value home insurance policy will provide the correct level of cover required to replace all of your high value items, as new.

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    Key Features Relating To Our High Value Jewellery Insurance

    Jewellery Cover For High Value Items

    If you own high value items such as engagement rings, watches and other high value jewellery, you can cover the items, without being restricted by inner limits.

    Our insures will work with you to ensure the jewellery insurance policy is the right fit for your needs

    Competitive & Tailored Pricing

    We take a tailored approach to high value jewellery insurance meaning that we will work with you to ensure that you are only paying for the level of cover you truly need for your piece of jewellery. For example, if you currently have a watch collection that is never worn and kept locked inside a safe then we can source cover at a lower rate from our panel of high value home insurers who offer large discounts for such items.

    Worldwide Jewellery Cover

    With many standard home insurance policies your items will not be covered outside of your home. We offer high value jewellery insurance with the option of worldwide cover

    No Bureaucracy

    Working with us means that you will not have to list every single item you want to be covered on your policy. You will only need to list items which exceed the applicable single item limits, which can range from £5,000, to £50,000 per item. 

    Our insurers can of course cover items exceeding these values, the items simply need to be specified on your policy.

    Who Needs High Value Jewellery Insurance?

    High Value Home Insurance is available to those who have high value jewellery and watches, whether this be a large collection or just one high value item which exceeds the limits offered by standard home insurance policies.

    If you travel a lot or regularly wear your jewellery away from your home, the worldwide jewellery is also a necessity. This will cover your jewellery and watches across the globe. Our team will work worth you to ensure you understand the ins and outs of your jewellery insurance policy.

    Why Use Ellis David As Your High-Value Insurance Broker?

    At Ellis David, we are proud to have an empowered, experienced team of brokers, who delight in going above and beyond for our clients. We seek to understand your exact requirements and only recommend policies that are suitable and competitive.  We constantly review and compare our diverse panel of over 100 insurers, by monitoring them for excellent customer care, claims service and competitive pricing.

    Our service is reflected in the fact that we retain 99% of all renewals each year.

    If you would like to find out more about the high value jewellery insurance that we offer then please do Contact Us and we look forward to working with you

    Some Of Our FAQs Relating To High Value Jewellery Insurance

    Why do you need specialist insurance for some valuable items?

    Regular home contents insurance will only cover certain items and more expensive items will need to be specified. In addition to this, some items may require separate policies such as expensive jewellery and watches  

    In some cases, you may need to carry out valuations for specific high value jewellery items to verify the cost for that item

    Why do you need an item of jewellery valued?

    Ensuring that items are valued properly avoids disappointment when it comes to making a claim. Most insurance providers will require valuations of engagement rings, watches and other high value jewellery items to be updated every 2 years. 

    What types of things may not be covered?

    Insurers may not provide cover for all eventualities. We have highlighted some of the pitfalls below:

    Unforced Theft – If someone has not forcefully entered your home or was invited into your house then sometimes insurers may not payout

    Wear and Tear – This is common with Jewellery, for example, losing a rare stone from a ring due to age and general use  

    Our job as your broker is to explain these risks and the wording of your policy to ensure that you understand what is and what is not covered

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