Company Health Insurance

Company Private Medical Insurance can be a great way to ensure your business benefits from physically fit and mentally healthy employees.

With NHS patients typically waiting up to 18 weeks for treatment in England it can be seen as a very attractive benefit for the employee too.

It doesn’t matter what size of business you have because Ellis David can arrange small business health insurance for companies with less than 99 employees, as well as specialist corporate health insurance arrangements for much larger companies.

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Company Health Insurance by Ellis David.

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Key Features Of Corporate Health Insurance


Covers diagnostic tests and scans

Diagnostic testing and scan costs covered

  • Hospital or clinic charges
  • Test interpretation charges
  • Complicated diagnostic procedures
  • Diagnostic scans and tests such as MRI


Treatment and post-treatment

Hospital treatment and post treatments costs covered

  • Hospital treatment
  • Out-patient therapies
  • Post treatment out-patient consultations
  • Post treatment tests and scans

Mental Health

Mental Health therapy

The costs of mental health therapy covered

  • Eligible mental health treatment
  • Mental Health therapy
  • Well-being therapy
  • Consultants or Therapists fees

Cash Benefits

Payment for treatment via the NHS

Cash benefits paid for treatment via the NHS

  • For free NHS treatment covered by the policy
  • NHS cash benefit for treatment
  • NHS cancer treatment cash benefit

What is Business Health Insurance?

Every year more than 670,000 men aged between 40 and 64 are absent from work for more than six months due to long term sickness.

Our range of private health insurance and protection products helps employees get the treatment and care they need, promptly, by allowing them access to private healthcare, thus bypassing NHS waiting lists.

Whether it’s a policy for just a few members of staff, or every employee in your business, we can help individuals focus on recovering, and getting back to work as soon as possible. We take particular care when putting cover together, taking time to speak with the individual employees to be covered, taking detailed medical history and ensuring that we put together a policy that reflects the exact requirements of the individuals and the company as a whole.

Business Health insurance will normally pay for the diagnosis of a condition or illness – so blood or allergy tests or an MRI scan – and the provision of prompt treatment of acute illness or injury.  This would also typically include operations and aftercare either in a private hospital or as a private patient in a NHS hospital.

Health insurance does not generally cover GP services, accident and emergency admissions nor the management of long-term conditions such as diabetes.

What does Company Health Insurance cover?

It won’t surprise you to know that not all private medical insurance policies are the same. Ellis David will help select exactly the right policy for your business.   Most private medical insurance companies offer a range of flexible company health insurance plans that allow you to tailor the level of cover to your needs and your budget.

Below are some general guidelines as to what is and isn’t covered by most company health insurance products.  Choosing the right cover for your business and employees can be complex and difficult to get right, so please give our company health insurance team a call on 020 7354 3881or send a message.

Most policies cover the following treatment in the UK:

  • In-patient tests
  • Surgery as an in-patient or day patient
  • Hospital accommodation and nursing care
  • Radiotherapy and chemotherapy (cancer treatments)
The following may be covered or may be available as optional cover:

  • Out-patient consultations and treatment with a specialist
  • Out-patient tests, such as blood tests, x-rays and scans
  • Therapy – for example, physiotherapy and complementary therapies, such as osteopathy and chiropractic treatment
  • Overseas treatment
  • Psychiatric treatment
  • Cash payment for treatment received as an NHS in-patient
The following are not generally included as part of a company health insurance policy, but it does vary between insurance companies

  • Conditions you had before taking out the insurance (commonly known as pre-existing conditions)
  • Going to a general practitioner (GP)
  • Going to an Accident or Emergency department (A&E)
  • Cover for long-term illnesses which cannot be cured (usually referred to as chronic conditions)
  • Injuries arising from dangerous hobbies (commonly known as hazardous pursuits)
  • Drug abuse; self-inflicted injuries; HIV/AIDS; normal pregnancy; mobility aids, such as wheelchairs; organ transplant; out-patient drugs and dressings; kidney dialysis; war risks; experimental or unproven treatment or drugs.

How much is Company Health Insurance?

There is no straightforward answer to the questions of how much Company Health Insurance costs as it depends on a number of factors including the type of cover required.

The costs of Medical Insurance in the UK has risen by 40% over the last tens years, but this has affected the individual, small and large business medical insurance markets differently.

Fortunately there are literally hundreds of corporate medical insurance policies available on the market, each of which offer different levels of cover.  This means that its is normally possible to find a policy that meets the needs of your business and your budget.

To find out more, please give our company health insurance team a call on 020 7354 3881 or send a message.

Compare Corporate Health Insurance policies

At Ellis David we have access to hundreds of policies and insurers.  Our Corporate Health Insurance team will take the time to understand your business, your insurance requirements and your budget.  We will then use or industry expertise to find and tailor the right Corporate Health Insurance policy to meet your requirements.  As we are an independent general insurance broker we are free to find and recommend the best products and  providers for our customers.

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Company Health Insurance by Ellis David.

Call our Business Insurance team on 020 7354 3881 now for a free quote or send a message.
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