High Net Worth Home Insurance

You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

High Net Worth Homes and possessions are complex, and getting the right cover, at the right price is crucial.

If you live in a home of higher than average value, or have contents worth more than £50,000 then High Net Worth Home Insurance can often be a most cost effective way of providing the insurance you need, rather than a standard Home Insurance policy.

Would your home cost over £250,000 to rebuild from scratch?
If you don’t know how much your home would cost to rebuild we can organise a complimentary buildings survey or you could try this calculator from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Do you have any possessions worth over £10,000?
Even if it’s just one  item – such as an engagement ring or a watch – you should have it properly valued and make sure it is fully covered for all risks.

Do you have any fine art, antiques or collectables?
We can help you to find the right cover for all your valuables. Our specialist knowledge can help you to obtain cover to protect your treasures from everything from theft to humidity. We can even put you in touch with the relevant restorers and craftspeople if needed.

At Ellis David we understand that the value of your home and possessions requires a tailored approach to create a policy tailored to your exact requirements.

Key features:

Buildings Cover

Guaranteed rebuild costs to repair your home to its former standard if it’s damaged in a storm, fire or flood.

Our insurers can provide expert assessment, ensuring the cost of rebuilding or repairing your home to its original state is accurately reflected in your policy.

‘All Risks’ Cover

Your possessions are covered, worldwide.

We can arrange home insurance cover with higher values than a standard policy might otherwise include, as well as include cover for items away from the home – for example on holiday or business trip.

Fast Claims Handling

Straightforward claims can be fast-tracked and paid out in a matter of days (sometimes within hours!).

Your choice of replacement or cash in some cases. You specify the supplier or repairer of your choice, often, no quibble new-for-old replacement.

Antiques and Collectables

From vintage cars to complete art collections, our specialist policies cover your most valued possessions.

Cover can be arranged for specified objects of high value with a High Value Home Insurance Policy rather than as an add-on to a standard policy.

Free buildings survey and appraisal for eligible customers

A professional surveyor will assess your home and possessions, both in terms of potential re-build costs and content value.

This means that you get a home insurance policy tailored to reflect your circumstances.

Individual Items of High Value included

It can be hard to keep track of possessions and their value.

With many of our High Value Home policies, we can provide cover with single article limits up to £25k, meaning you don’t need to list them individually.

What does High Net Worth Property Insurance Cover?

High Net Worth Homes and possessions are complex, and getting the right cover, at the right price is crucial.

Typically a policy will cover:

  • Buildings cover, including accidental damage
  • Contents of Garden and Landscaping
  • Legal Expenses
  • Fine Art, Antiques and Collectables
  • Musical Instrument Cover
  • Classic Car or other Classic Motor
  • High value jewellery insurance

However, every policy can be altered to suit your specific requirements to make sure what you need to be covered, is covered. For example: 

Second / Holiday Homes cover

Dependent Parents Possessions – Cover for parents property while in a care home, for example

Children’s Possessions cover – protecting property while away with school or at university

Quality Travel cover for all members of the household – including domestic staff


Unoccupied Property cover

Free Rebuild Cost Assessment with Ellis David

Buildings should always be insured for the amount it would cost to rebuild them. However, fewer than one in ten household properties in the UK are covered correctly.

If you are over-insured you are probably paying too much for your buildings insurance. If you are under-insured, you face a reduced payout in the event of a claim. Insurance claims can be reduced by hundreds of thousands of pounds due to under-insurance.

By choosing Ellis David, you can receive a comprehensive Rebuild Cost Assessment (RCA) report guiding you on how much you should insure your buildings for.

Thanks to our partnership with RebuildCostASSESSMENT.com we can offer you a great assessment service from a ‘Regulated by RICS’ (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) organisation, fully paid for by Ellis David.

This is a fantastic online service which can protect you from the potentially severe consequences of underinsurance. Both new and existing customers can be eligible, so get in touch today for a new or renewal quote to find out more.

What is High Net Worth Home Insurance?

High net worth home insurance is insurance designed to cover multiple things such as high valued fine art, antiques and jewellery items. This will fall under a HNW home insurance policy

It covers residential property and/or the contents within them, including collections of fine art, prestige cars, jewellery or fine furniture and furnishings.

Why Do I Need High Net Worth Home Insurance?

If you own valuable property that has high spec fittings, fine art and jewellery then you will require bespoke cover so that the property has the right protection in place. A standard home insurance policy will likely have a maximum limit on valuable items. Inner limits apply to standard home insurance policies unless specific items are declared. If not declared, claims may be denied and your policy voided.

Why Do I Need To Value My Contents?

With your policy, you may need to provide an accurate valuation of your possessions, as underestimating them could mean facing a shortfall in the amount that you get back in cases of damage or loss. This means you have enough coverage to replace any stolen, lost or damaged items. Failure to declare items could result in a policy being voided and no payment for the claim.

To ensure that your policy is accurate, you should have jewellery, fine art and other possessions included in the policy valued every three to five years. It’s incredibly important to ensure these valuations are up to date so that, should the worst happen, you get a true replacement value.

How Much Will High Net Worth Home Insurance Cost?

The cost of high net worth home insurance will depend on the level of cover required. Our policies are carefully and closely tailored to your needs and the risks you may face.

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Our team can tailor a policy to suit your needs, rather than a one size fits all policy that can leave you open to risks.