Public Liability Cover is essential for businesses that come into contact with members of the public or their property.

PL Insurance is there to protect you in the event of accidental injury or property damage claims from your customers, members of the public, visitors or people you visit.

As a business owner you are subject to all kinds of risks that could result in a Public Liability claim. For more information or to arrange your PL Cover, call our team on 020 7354 3881 or send a message

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Public Liability Insurance by Ellis David.

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Three examples of a Public Liability Claim:

Example 1

The floor in your entrance lobby is wet but there is no hazard sign on display.
If a member of the public slipped and injured themselves on your unmarked wet floor, you could have a Public Liability claim on your hands for not displaying the correct health and safety information.

Example 2

You work as a tradesman and accidentally put a nail through a pipe in the wall.
You are liable to damages for your customers property and may have to pay to have it replaced, but also pay compensation for the inconvenience when having it repaired.

Example 3

You are a hairstylist and accidentally burn someone with hair curlers.
Even though it was accidental, you have caused someone harm and may be taken to court for injuring your customer as a direct result of your work.

Do I need Public Liability Insurance?

Public Liability Cover should be considered if members of the public, clients or customers visit your place of work. If you want to take up Government contracted work or even wish to work with other companies, you may find that having proper Public Liability Insurance is a prerequisite of carrying out the work. Public Liability Insurance for the Self Employed may also be necessary if you have clients regularly visit you at home.

With regular advertising on the TV for assistance with accident claims, the number of people filing lawsuits is rising each year with almost £1 million being paid out in Public Liability Insurance claims. The number of small businesses becoming bankrupt is also increasing due to an inadequate amount of PL Insurance in place. If you were to be sued for a Public Liability claim and are not able to cover the costs of it due to a lack of cover then you may lose your business and potentially other assets including your home to make up the costs.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) may also request your certificate of Public Liability Insurance upon inspection. If you are unable to produce a certificate they can fine you as a business owner £1000 and fine your company up to £2,500 for every day you are without suitable insurance.

Why Compare Public Liability Insurance with Ellis David?

Public Liability claims can be arduous and costly; if you are not properly insured, it can have detrimental effects on your company. Ellis David have over 150 years combined experience with a specialism in Liability Insurance. We understand how important your business is to you and work hard to understand it fully so we can help you identify what cover you need to be properly insured. Our team of professional advisors will work closely with you and our insurers to create a tailored policy to suit your needs giving you the peace of mind that you have all the cover that you require. However, if a claim was to be made against you, our highly trained staff will manage your claim for you and be available to contact via email or on the phone at your convenience.

For more information on Public Liability Insurance, or to get your range of bespoke PL Insurance quotes, call us now on 020 7354 3881 or send a message

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Public Liability Insurance by Ellis David.

Call our Business Insurance team on 020 7354 3881 now for a free quote or send a message.
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