Ellis David’s Christmas Insurance FAQs

In the run-up to the Christmas holiday season, we often get customers calling us to ask about whether they need to change or update their policies to account for an increased level of risk over the winter months. And it’s true, with so much to think about at Christmas, from buying presents to organising the Christmas dinner and decorating the home, many homeowners simply forget that the holiday season can significantly impact the insurance that they need. 

We’ve rounded up our most commonly received questions relating to contents insurance around Christmas time. These may help you decide whether you need to alert your insurer or get in touch with a broker like Ellis David to discuss the best policy options based on your risk.

Do you need to tell your insurer if you buy an expensive Christmas present?

Whether or not you need to tell your insurer about a high value Christmas present depends on both your current home insurance policy and the value of the gift itself. Within your contents insurance policy, insurers often (but not always) offer increased insured sums to cover loss or damage to contents. This includes cover for arts, antiques, jewellery and watches that are newly purchased, (whether for Christmas, birthdays or any other reason). However, this increase in coverage may still not be enough – especially if the gift is of particularly high value.

Should you be buying a high value gift this Christmas we strongly suggest giving our team at Ellis David a call. Whether it’s jewellery, art, an antique or a watch, our team can give you professional advice and ensure that your policy covers your newly-bought gifts.

Is there more risk associated with Christmas time?

Many home contents insurers will provide a temporary increase to the insured value of your contents during the holiday season. This is not surprising, as the statistics show that there is an increased risk of some unfortunate eventualities around Christmas time. For example, there are an increased number of burglaries that take place in December and January. This is because criminals are aware that there tends to be brand new items, often of high value, in people’s homes at this time of year.

It is also worth noting that there are statistically more house fires over the Christmas period. This is usually the result of using Christmas lights, candles, fireworks, open fires or an increased number of electronics.

As mentioned above, some insurers may temporarily increase your level of cover to account for gifts bought at this time of year, but it is important to check whether your policy does this and that the amount of cover is enough to protect items that you have bought. The increased risk of fire and burglary puts your contents, including those high value, newly purchased gifts, at greater risk. Because of this, it is very important that you notify your broker or insurance provider to arrange additional cover for your increased amounts of contents and high value items in the house.

If I’m on holiday over the Christmas period or my home is empty, should I notify my insurer?

If you are jetting off on a long holiday or your home will be empty for a prolonged period of time, then it is important to notify your insurer.

Although your insurance provider does not expect you to be in your home all year round, many will need to be notified if your property is going to be empty for 30-days or more. In fact, some insurers will not be willing to offer you cover if your property is empty for more than this 30-day period.

So should you be away for that long, notify your insurer or our team here at Ellis David beforehand. We will be able to advise you on whether your policy will need to be updated or changed to an alternative policy. Get in touch today for a quote